Balfour & Houldsworth

Houldsworth Cup 2021

Sunday 13th June 2021, White Tees, Bury Golf Club

(90% handicap allowance)


1.Simon Hamnett.and.John Price of Ellesmere Golf Club~11up

2.Kevin Speight.and.Ian Marsh of Bury Golf Club~11up

3.David McDougall.and.Colin Stephenson of Bury Golf Club~9up

4.Paul Cuthbert.and.Matthew Cuthbert of Pike Fold Golf Club~9up

5.Michael Meecham.and.Andrew Hurst of Houldsworth G C~8up

6.Andrew Wisedale .and.Philip Rawlinson of Bury Golf Club~7up

7.Les Campbell.and.David McIntosh of Bury Golf Club~7up

8.Paul Hinchy.and.David Bean of Bury Golf Club~7up

9.John Hubbert.and.Jonathan C Noblet of Worsley Golf Club~7up

10.Anthony R Brazier.and.Robert Hargreaves of Bury Golf Club~7up

11.Donald Frazer.and.Stephen J Popay of Stand Golf Club~6up

12.Peter Burgess.and.David W Finley of Houldsworth G C~6up

13.David Chesworth.and.Nathan Stringer of Flixton Golf Club~6up

14.Steven Gallagher.and.Allan Tonner of Houldsworth G C~6up

15.Gary waites.and.John Dickinson of Bury Golf Club~6up

16.Douglas Hiles.and.Gary Clarke of Bury Golf Club~6up

17.Steve Harding.and.Adam Russell of Houldsworth G C~6up

18.Ian Holt.and.Ian Morris of Bury Golf Club~5up

19.Ky Tu.and.Robert Lam of Worsley Golf Club~5up

20.Anthony P Gaynor.and.Michael Smith of Ellesmere Golf Club~5up

21.Clint Davey.and.David Coakley of Ellesmere Golf Club~5up

22.Tony Ranicar.and.Steve Berry of Flixton Golf Club~5up

23.Michael J Hackney.and.Alan Johnston of Bury Golf Club~5up

24.James Wright.and.David Flannagan of Bury Golf Club~4up

25.Lee Ballard.and.Tuan Truong of Stand Golf Club~4up

26.Michael Kelly.and.Dave Berry of Bury Golf Club~4up

27.Steven Richardson.and.David Flint of Houldsworth G C~4up

28.Darren Summons.and.Tony Caldwell of Worsley~4up

29.Bill Johnston.and.Eddie Fyans of Chorlton cum Hardy~4up

30.Ian Foulkes.and.David Dredge of Bury Golf Club~4up

31.Ross Gregory.and.Peter Murphy of Stockport Golf Club~4up

32.Tim Whitehead.and.Garry Hall of Bury Golf Club~4up

33.J I Kilner.and.Tom Baker Jnr of Marriott Worsley ~4up

34.Michael Whitehead.and.John Whitehead of Ellesmere Golf Club~4up

35.Peter Zadoroshnyj.and.John Johnson of Disley Golf Club~4up

36.Wes Seale.and.David McCann of Bury Golf Club~3up

37.Stephen Cooney.and.Tom Cooney of Bury Golf Club~3up

38.Andrew Keane.and.Stephen Arnold of Northenden~3up

39.Gary Duncan.and.Anthony Wyatt of Stand Golf Club~3up

40.Jim O'Reilly.and.Juan Manzano of Ellesmere Golf Club~3up

41.Peter McManus.and.Jeff Wealands of Chorlton cum Hardy~3up

42.Raymond Wilde.and.Stephen Kelsall of Bury Golf Club~3up

43.John Potter.and.Simon Howarth of Disley Golf Club~3up

44.John Caveney.and.Martin Hill of Bury Golf Club~2up

45.David Boyle.and.Barclay Chaisty of Bury Golf Club~2up

46.H C YIP.and.Stephen Woodruff of Stand Golf Club~2up

47.Leigh Donovan.and.Sam Lynch of Houldsworth G C~2up

48.R Bannister.and.A Coulson of Pike Fold Golf Club~2up

49.Craig Mackenzie.and.Paul Ashton of Bury Golf Club~2up

50.Craig Jones.and.Nicholas Moors of Flixton Golf Club~2up

51.Steve Misell.and.Graham Prest of Disley Golf Club~1up

52.Paul Carr.and.Kirk Hamilton of Flixton Golf Club~1up

53.Stuart Faulkner.and.Josh Faulkner of Chorlton cum Hardy~1up

54.Michael Keane.and.Philip  Richardson of Bury Golf Club~1up

55.James Baldwin.and.Pearse Walls of Withington Golf Club~1up

56.Neil Dixon.and.Daryl McHugh of Withington Golf Club~1up

57.Oliver Ranicar.and.Bradley Shackleton of Flixton Golf Club~1up

58.Paul Thornley.and.John Barrow of Flixton Golf Club~1up

59.Keith Dingley.and.Gordon Fraser of Stand Golf Club~1up

60.Sam Lillie.and.Paul Adams of Stand Golf Club~1up

61.Luke Aikenhead.and.John Aikenhead of Ashton-on-Mersey ~level

62.Steve McDermott.and.Joel Aikenhead of Ashton-on-Mersey ~level

63.Wing Chiang.and.David Wong of Stand Golf Club~level

64.Bob Hill.and.Norman Bennett of Ellesmere Golf Club~level

65.Jason Denton.and.Paul Hackett of Altrincham Golf Club~level

66.Tony Gorman.and.Michael Chesterfield of Ellesmere Golf Club~level

67.Stuart W Howarth.and.Mark Howarth of Bury Golf Club~level

68.Barry Williamson.and.Tommy Leydon of Northenden~level

69.Derrick Page.and.Paul Barton of Davyhulme Park G C ~level

70.David R Newton.and.David Ramsden of Stand Golf Club~level

71.Michael Goodwin.and.Paul Stelfox of Houldsworth G C~level

72.Peter Owen.and.Roland J Clayton of Stand Golf Club~level

73.Jamie Stewart.and.Aaron Davenport of Stand Golf Club~level

74.Adrian Powell.and.Ben Powell of Manchester G C~1down

75.Mike Moore.and.David Berry of Bury Golf Club~1down

76.John Finnegan.and.Anthony Jordan of Bury Golf Club~2down

77.Gary Crier.and.Paul Mann of Flixton Golf Club~2down

78.David Wakerley.and.Malcolm Hodson of High Legh Park G C~2down

79.Jon Monks.and.Karl Monks of Ellesmere Golf Club~2down

80.John Bogan.and.Michael Scrivner of Bury Golf Club~3down

81.John Malley.and.Peter Jones of Bury Golf Club~3down

82.Ian Williams.and.Anthony  Jackson of Ellesmere Golf Club~4down

83.Luciano Picardo.and.John G Newton of Worsley Golf Club~4down

84.Andrew Barlow.and.David Minshall of Worsley Golf Club~5down

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